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Early Pomegranates History 
The pomegranate, a Persian native, is one of the oldest fruits known to man. Pomegranates have been a presence on the tables and serving platters of ancient Egyptians and Arabs for millennia. They originated in Persia, but from the earliest known references, they were commonly found in the surrounding areas of Georgia, Armenia, and other Mediterranean lands. China also figures prominently as one of the early aficionados of the pomegranate; the fruit's origins there can be traced back to 100 BC.

Although the earliest pomegranate bushes grew wild and uninhibited throughout the Middle East, they have long been cultivated for sale and personal use. Armenia, in particular, has a detailed history of interaction with the pomegranate, with actual fossilized remains evident from as far back as 1000 BC. Even today, the nation congratulates itself on its lengthy and sincere devotion to the pomegranate.Type your paragraph here.


"There's a lot of love at Nora's Kabob.

Brothers Sevi and Raymond Sinanian, who opened the Ellicott City restaurant, are quick to profess their affection for the flavors of their youth, including the almighty pomegranate, and for their mother, for whom Nora's is named.

Fortunately, the duo is more than just talk; their devotion to flavorful Middle Eastern cuisine shines through in their food."

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