Family Style Kabob Package Includes:

$14 per person (10 people min) Pick up at any locations

Choice of two kabob varieties:

Chicken Kabob
Lamb Kabob
Beef Tenderloin Kabob

Khoobideh Kabobs 
 *Add the 3th choice of kabob for $2/pp*

Served With: 
Grilled Vegetables
Authentic Greek Salad
Basmati Rice with Persian Saffron 
Our Famous Appetizer Sampler Tray & Pita

Sampler Tray Includes:
* Hummus *
*Shirazi Salad *
*Roasted Eggplant *
* Dolma *
* Tzatziki Sauce *
* Spinach Yogurt  *
* Pita Bread *


Add to your order
Salmon Kabob $3/pp ( 2 big pieces per person)

Shrimp kabob $3/pp ( 3 jumbo shrimp per person)
Baby Lamb Chops $5/pp (2 pieces per person)

Spinach Pies $3/pp
Pastries, Cookies & Baklava Tray $3/pp

Service & Delivery

- Disposable Food Warmers and Serving Spoons $25 
- We Offer Delivery and Setup
- Complementary Disposable Food Warmers for 30+ Guests   

- Complementary Paper Goods Available Upon Request 
- Fancy Paper Goods $1.50/pp 

Sevi Sinanian 
Full catering wait service and setup available for all occasions